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The Self-Care PLR Journal Cover Pack – Includes Canva Printable Journal Covers With Commercial Use Rights

The Self-Care PLR Journal Cover Templates provide you with 20 Printable Cover Templates. All files are easy to edit via Canva and publish so that you can create new unique products and PLR printables that you can sell for profit on your low-content publishing store or use these templates for your own designs.

Introducing The…

Self-Care PLR Journal Cover Templates

Self Care PLR Journal Cover Templates

Here’s exactly what you’re getting in this Self-Care PLR Journal Cover Templates Pack:

Are you looking to create a stunning self-care journal that reflects your unique style and encourages moments of self-reflection? Look no further!

Our Self-Care PLR Journal Cover Designs provide a collection of beautifully designed covers that will transform your journal into a personal oasis of self-discovery.

With these customizable journal cover templates, you have the power to design a journal that resonates with your innermost desires and nurtures your well-being.

Whether you’re an individual seeking a private space for self-reflection or a business owner looking to provide a unique self-care resource, our templates have you covered.

What makes our Self-Care PLR Journal Covers exceptional?

  1. Aesthetic Designs: Our journal cover templates are thoughtfully crafted to create a visually appealing and inviting atmosphere. Choose from a variety of designs that range from calming nature scenes to minimalist patterns, allowing you to find the perfect match for your self-care journal.
  2. Customizable and Personalized: With our PLR license, you can easily customize the journal covers to reflect your individual style or brand identity. Add your own branding elements, modify colors and fonts, and make your self-care journal truly yours.
  3. Versatility for Various Journals: Our cover templates are designed to fit different journal sizes and formats. Whether you prefer a standard A5 journal, a spiral-bound notebook, or a digital journal, you’ll find templates that adapt seamlessly to your chosen format.
  4. Inspiring and Empowering: Each journal cover template is designed to inspire and empower you on your self-care journey. Engage with covers that feature motivational quotes, serene imagery, or uplifting illustrations, setting the tone for a transformative self-care experience.
  5. Branding Opportunities: If you’re a business owner or content creator, our journal cover templates provide branding opportunities for your self-care products. Add your logo, website, or social media handles to create a cohesive brand presence and connect with your audience.

Design your personal sanctuary of self-care and embark on a transformative journey of well-being. Invest in our Self-Care PLR Journal Cover pack today and create a journal that speaks to your soul.  

You Get:

  • 20 Self-Care Journal Cover PLR Printable Designs
  • Editable Canva Templates Link
  • Commercial Use License


Here Are All of The Journal Cover Graphics You’ll Be Getting:



The Self-Care PLR Journal Cover Templates is just for you if you’re looking for printable journal assets that can be used to create your own unique printables and profit! Perfect for you if you have a publishing business and are looking for new products or printables.


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Your Package Details:

  • 20 Individual Printable Journal Cover Graphics In Canva, PNG, PDF, And PowerPoint Format
  • Total File Download Size – 60.8 MB

Here are the Licence Terms:

What You Can Do:
  • You can sell this product in a non-editable format like PDF to sell to your customer for personal use.
  • You can sell this product as a physical product.
  • You can use this product to build an email list.
  • You can edit the product and brand it with your name and company branding.
  • You can resell the product as your own.
  • You can include the product in a bundle or package.
What You Cannot Do:
  • You cannot sell this product with PLR or resell rights. This license is for you only.
  • You cannot sell this product with its editable source files.
  • Please set a fair price when you sell and do not give the product away for free unless you’re using it to build an email list

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