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Featured PLR Printables

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Welcome to Low Content PLR Printables!

I built this site to share information about a little-known but very profitable online business. It’s called low content publishing, specifically using PLR (private label rights) content.

You create books with very little content, like journals and planners, coloring books and activity books. All you do is make general outlines and templates. Since there’s so little content, you can create these types of books quickly. It’s possible to make several books in just a week, and you can sell them on Amazon and your own website.

People love writing in journals and planners, and adult coloring books have exploded in popularity in recent years. Low content books are purchased as paperbacks so the buyer can write and color in them. That’s why they’re sometimes called low content printables.

When a coloring book or annual planner is completed, another book has to be bought. This means there’s always a constant demand for these types of low content and no content books.

Can you really make decent money selling low content PLR printables? You sure can. There are people quietly making thousands of dollars every month (sometimes every week) selling books with low or no content.

The beauty of using PLR to make low content printables is that the books have been made for you! You purchase PLR content and turn it into planners and journals, diaries and coloring books and sell them online.

You might already know about low content publishing. What most people don’t know is that there are PLR products that do all the work for you.

Done-for-You Low Content PLR

You don’t have to design or write or plan anything. You shop the best printable PLR sites that sell low content PLR books and make them your own. Don’t worry. I’ll show you the very best places to go for high quality, low content PLR printables you can use to build your own publishing business.

I wrote this page to explain how you can quickly start publishing your own low content printables on Amazon and answer any questions you may have about this unique business opportunity. I’ll explain the basic steps to Amazon self-publishing and we’ll cover the different types of popular printables (coloring books, journals, planners, etc.).

I’ve developed free training articles, guides and courses to help you learn about low content publishing. I’ll share with you the best resources to help you get started and profiting quickly. Then I’ll show you the best places to go for the following content:

  • Free PLR Printables
  • PLR Activity Books
  • PLR Adult Coloring Books
  • PLR Calendars
  • PLR Coloring Pages
  • PLR Journal Prompts
  • PLR Journals
  • PLR Planner Templates
  • PLR Planners
  • PLR Puzzles

Now let’s look at some advantages of this simple but powerful money making business.

The Benefits of Low Content PLR Printables

There are a lot of reasons why PLR is so good for creating low content printables. Here are 5 big pluses of using public label rights content in your low content self-publishing business.

1 – Speed!

Time is money. The less time it takes you to publish a journal, planner, calendar or activity book the better. PLR content has already been produced. It’s ready to go.

As soon as you purchase a PLR license to some content, it’s ready to publish. You make a few small changes and hit “publish”.

You don’t have to invest the time to create the content. You don’t have to wait for a writer or designer to do the work for you. You can publish with speed, and that means you get more titles out there in a shorter period of time.

Where can you find low content PLR printables that are of high quality? You can browse several packages on our low content PLR printables page by Clicking Here Now.

2 – Low Content PLR Printables Mean No More Writer’s Block

You might have great writing and design skills. That’s great. It means you’ll be able to create attractive low content books your fans are going to love.

But there may be a problem … writer’s block.

The best designers and writers sometimes have creativity issues. Their creative juices stop flowing. They sit down to start a new project and … nothing.

Their brains can’t seem to crank out the necessary thoughts to get them going. That’s not a problem with PLR.

Your content is created and ready to go. You select PLR coloring pages, journal prompts and other templates. You assemble a few in a package and you have another title to sell.

Low content PLR printables mean never getting stalled by blocked creativity.

3 – You Don’t Need Any Special Skills

You might have all the time in the world to create low content products. (If you have endless time, let me know how you arrange that!) Even so, you might not know how to design low content products. You might not have the skills you need.

When you purchase quality low content PLR from these low content PLR publishers you get skilled PLR producers working for you.

Instead of learning the skills you need to plan, design and write low content products, you buy quality done-for-you content. Then you polish it off and publish it as your own.

4 – You Save Money with PLR Printables

Hiring a graphic designer can be costly. The same is true for a ghostwriter or copywriter. You can spend hundreds of dollars having a single low content printable created.

Or you can spend a fraction of that money and get an entire low content package that’s already been created.

PLR printable content is extremely affordable. The creator sells several licenses, so the cost is lower per-customer than if he just sold a single license. That means a great price for you.

Most people won’t be using this content the way you will. So you turn a high quality, low content printable into an inexpensive investment that you can sell forever.

5 – Low Content PLR Printables Create Passive Income

When you sell low content products on Amazon (or anywhere else for that matter), you create a set-it-and-forget-it income source. You don’t truly “forget it”, but you basically set it up once and then you can sell it over and over with very little work on your part.

That’s what’s known as passive income.

You don’t have to do much. You are more passive than active. The sales keep rolling in day after day, and all you did was list the planners, journals or calendars for sale once. Then Amazon does the selling for you.

Sell your low content products on Amazon and you make sales no matter what you’re doing. When you’re working or sleeping or doing anything, the powerful Amazon sales engine works hard to sell your low content printables.

Speaking of Amazon, let’s take a look at how you can self-publish your content there.

The Basic Steps of Amazon Self-Publishing Low Content Printables

We’re talking about uploading workbooks, coloring books, journals and other low content books to Amazon. Then people purchase them as paperbacks.

A book is only printed when someone buys it. That means you have no upfront cost for printing your books. You and Amazon split the purchase price after a book is sold and then printed.

This is one reason why selling low content printables on Amazon is so attractive. After you purchase the PLR content and publish it, you’re done. Amazon prints and ships the book.

Then you get paid a portion of the sales price. Let’s take a quick step by step look at the basics of publishing on Amazon.

Low Content Publishing on Amazon Step #1

To start this process, all you’ve got to do is sign into Amazon. I know you’ve probably bought things on Amazon before, so all you need to do is sign into your account.

Then join the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) program at this link.

Low Content Publishing on Amazon Step #2

Once you log in to your KDP account, you’ll be taken to a page where you can manage your books. To add a new low content printable, select the “+ Paperback” option under “Create a New Title” as circled in blue in the screenshot below.

Low Content Publishing on Amazon Step #3

You’ll then be asked to enter details about your book, such as the Title, Subtitle, Language, etcetera. This is under the “Paperback Details” tab as seen in this screenshot.

You then upload your content and cover. You also set your publication date here as a part of the “Paperback Content” section.

Finally, agree to your “Paperback Rights and Pricing”. I’ve included the Amazon Cost and Royalty calculator at the following link so you can estimate what it will cost to print one copy of your book.

Low Content Publishing on Amazon Step #4

After you have chosen a sale price, you submit your book for review. It takes between a few hours and two or three days for approval.

Once you receive an approval, Amazon will give you a link to your book’s sales page. You can also reach your books through your KDP account.

That’s it! You’re published, and you can move on to your next low content PLR printables project.

Where to Get High Quality Low Content PLR Printables

I added a link to our resource page above. I’ll include it here. It takes you to the best sites for low content PLR you can use to start profiting from this simple self-publishing process. Here it is.

It really is that easy to start cashing in on the low content craze we’re seeing right now. Once you download some great low content PLR journals or PLR planners or PLR calendars at the link above, get started. Take action. It doesn’t take long to have several books in your KDP account and selling on Amazon, but nothing happens until you take action.

To your success,

Low Content PLR Printables Team


Free Training, Articles and Guides to help you learn more about using Low content PLR and Printable PLR Content to quickly publish your own hot and in-demand low content books and printables to sell online for profits.