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Arctic Animals PLR Coloring Designs Package By Edith – Includes Printable Activity Bundle And Bonuses With Commercial Use Rights

The Arctic Animals PLR Coloring Designs Package provides you with Printable Activity Bundle And Bonuses. All files are easy to edit and publish so that you can create new unique products and PLR printables that you can sell for profit on your low content publishing store or use it yourself.

Introducing The…

Wordoku PLR Puzzles with Anagram Clues

Wordoku PLR Puzzles with Anagram Clues 1

This is exactly what you could be getting in the Wordoku PLR Puzzles with Anagram Clues:

What’s Included:

  • 40 Wordoku puzzles and solutions, each puzzle has one main “word” and a second “word/short phrase” so you can pick which clue you’d like to include. This also helps keep your version unique from others.
  • 80 anagrams, two for each puzzle. Use either as a clue or both. Or make your own.
  • 4 different file types for each puzzle and solution, including PDF, JPG, PPTX and DOCX. Put the files together in your choice of order using your preferred program.
  • Customization ideas are also included in the accompanying pdf.
  • White label (PLR) license, go ahead and publish on Amazon, post it in your Etsy store, sell it in FB groups, or add to your printables website. Or any combination and others. Take one and put it on mug or T-shirt. Just don’t put my name on it and don’t sell the source files or share/give the PLR rights to others.
  • BONUS: 80 Wordstar puzzles you can use as clues or make additional books/printables with
  • BONUS: txt file word list. Use this to make wordsearches to go with the wordoku’s or additional anagrams. It’s up to you!
  • BONUS: Training pdf on customizing these types of puzzles. (NOTE: This bonus alone is worth more than the price of this package! – Additional Video Training will be added based on demand.)

Well, there’s lots of things you can do with them and places you can sell them. Let’s explore a few together:

  • Amazon KDP is the first market that comes to mind. Spend time on the cover and description, add in title page, your contact information, assemble the puzzles in the order you choose, add in the anagram clues and away you go!
  • Amazon Ignite is an educational printables store that requires you to apply to sell. Wordokus would certainly qualify as educational for the older grade levels/college levels.
  • FB educational/puzzle groups. Read the group rules about posting for sale before just doing it. Some groups allow it and others don’t. Some permit it in response to questions. If you watch the education and homeschool groups, the opportunity will definitely arise at some point. But never underestimate the power of social selling.
  • Etsy stores. Printables galore are available on Etsy. Gumroad does not directly allow PLR items to be sold unless it’s not recognizable as PLR. Add borders, etc.
    Your own website. Absolutely!
  • Assemble them (or any combination with the upsells) in a printed book. Lulu does spiral bound as well. And so do most office supply/printers if you want to mail them out yourself.
  • Pack them up as printables online and in person at craft shows.
  • Print them on mugs (puzzle only — include the solution on paper if you like). Puzzle people drink coffee too! What a great gift! Fill in the word if you like, for example, Powerful. With the word of the year and the New Year fast approaching, this could be a good market for some of the words.
  • T-shirts – same thing goes for wearing your puzzles! Puzzle on the front, solution on the back maybe?
  • Give some puzzles away and post the solution on your website. Or in a follow-up email. That’ll keep them opening/reading! This is a good way to use the FB groups and to build that email list of customers. When direct selling isn’t allowed, most groups will okay freebies.
  • The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.
See The Wordoku PLR Puzzles with Anagram Clues For Yourself – Click Here

Save time & money with white-label wordokus. We’ve done all the work for you.

  • No software program to buy, save those dollars on buying another program or another add-on or module or word list. (Save $150-500)
  • No learning curve, no software means no learning curve. No hours spent trying to get the program to create a Wordoku. Which, no software currently on the market does automatically. We looked for one. (40-100 hours minimum to get a good grasp of any software)
  • No outsourcing needed, no hiring freelancers to curate word lists for Wordokus, which have no repeating letters so any old words just won’t do. ($25 at least – plus the headache of re-writes)
  • Save hundreds of hours of time, since these are made individually, each puzzle is checked for difficulty level and solve-ability. In total, each puzzle took about 60-120 minutes or more from word curation to puzzle check to file conversions. (40-80 hours)

What is Wordoku?

  • Sudoku puzzles with specific different letters arranged strategically so that one column or row spells out a word (or short phrase)
  • Add an anagram clue (if desired) so that all letters are revealed.
  • Sharpen your pencil!
  • And reap the benefits of keeping your brain sharp too!
  • Puzzles are eternally popular and in constant demand.
  • Low competition due to the length of time involved to create and test the puzzles.

The Wordoku PLR Puzzles with Anagram Clues is just for you if you’re looking for PLR printable activity pages that can be used to create your own unique printables when purchased! Perfect for you if you have a publishing business and are looking for new products or printables. Click the link below to learn more!

See The Wordoku PLR Puzzles with Anagram Clues For Yourself – Click Here

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