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The Transforming Lives PLR Bundle Full Bundle of 43 PLR Content and Printable Products By Gabby Conde – Includes A Huge Printable Product Bundle With Private Label Commercial Licensing

The Transforming Lives PLR Bundle Full Bundle of 43 PLR Content and Printable Products provides you with the ultimate printable bundle of done-for-you products! All files are easy to edit and publish so that you can create new unique products and PLR printables that you can sell for profit on your low content publishing store or use it yourself.

Introducing The…

Transforming Lives PLR Bundle Full Bundle of 43 PLR Content and Printable Products

Transforming Lives PLR Bundle Full Bundle of 43 PLR Content and Printable Products

This is exactly what you will be getting in The Transforming Lives PLR Bundle Full Bundle of 43 PLR Content and Printable Products:

What You Get:

Visualize! The 5 Steps to Success Course Content Bundle

value $297

Do your clients ever feel like they self-sabotage themselves? Do they wonder why other people get what they want? But they just don’t ever seem to have that luck? If you’re nodding yes right now, then it’s important to now that you can help them right now with this package of done-for-you course training materials and marketing pack. Use Visualize! The 5 Steps to Success to help your clients overcome limiting beliefs and visualize their way to reaching their goals.

From Gabby of A Cup of Zen

Conscious Life Focus Planner and Journal Combo Set PLR

value $37

Meet the growing demand for Spiritual Coaches, healers, bloggers & the self-help industry with this unique combination of journal and planner sets. This PLR planner and journal set includes self-care and Daily morning-evening routines at the heart of weekly and daily planning. Your customers will love using both the planning pages and Self-care Journal prompts pages. Offer this to your customer and gain a competitive advantage in the Self-help planner niche.  Add your creativity to these pages without starting from scratch.

From Dee of P4 Pretty Pawarful PLR Printables Shhop

My Four Year, Daily Cycle Around the Sun Journal

value $37

This four-year journal is designed in a way that allows you to capture a thought, experience, or best part of your day, all year long. Over the course of four years, you’ll have the opportunity to circle around and revisit what you’ve journaled about in previous years. Your Four Year Journal also provides you with space to set goals at the beginning of each year and take time for reflection at the end of each year.  Start today as you begin this four-year journey. This is a great way to capture the essence of your days, over an extended period of time.

From Dvorah of Share Your Brilliance

More Grateful & Gorgeous Coloring Calendar & Planner Designs PLR

value $90

These PLR daily/weekly/monthly calendars, gratitude journal pages, and menu planners will make a fantastic addition to your self-help journal and planner offerings. There are 12 of each, one for each month, and there are no dates, making them useable no matter the year.

From Lady Rayven of Color Monthly PLR

Finding Peace In Chaos PLR For Blogging & List Building

value $47

Help your readers identify 12 benefits that come from choosing to be at peace, regardless of the chaos that’s surrounding them right now! This PLR package gives you everything you need for a high value blog post and attractive content upgrade. Building your list is a high priority and this resource does the job.

From Kelly, Samantha, & Avery of White Label Perks

Mini Meditation Retreat Done-for-You Content & Planner

value $47

Give your clients what they most need – a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Use this Mini Meditation Retreat content and planner to help them schedule in some much-needed “me time” and gain clarity, wisdom, and release stress. They’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated. Sell the planner and use the blog posts to drive traffic to your offers.

From Gabby of A Cup of Zen

Spirit Warrior Coloring Journal

value $27

The spirit of a warrior can be summed up in two simple words: humility and courage. And, with our coloring journal, you and your customers can manifest those qualities while meditating on the warrior spirit. Coloring and journaling are terrific ways to grow your spirit and expand your awareness.
Customers get 20 Coloring pages & 8 Tracker/Planner pages in this set, along with Private Label Rights.

From Jenn of Planning Addicts

Ease Your Anxiety Journal Templates

value $27

Each month, there are millions of more searches for anxiety-related keywords which indicates many people are suffering from anxiety and are looking for advice on how to overcome it. The Anxiety Journal Templates provide a self-help tool for people afflicted with anxiety to ease their fears and worries through journaling using scripture prompts, plus keeping track of the frequency, the severity, and the details using anxiety and mood trackers, as well as behavior record sheets. Also, included is an information page of suggestions for soothing fear, anxiety, or worry.

From Donna of Color My Journals

Daily Affirmations Pack

value $23.40

This is a journal that helps you grow your confidence, self-esteem, and confidence through daily affirmations. It’s so easy to forget to appreciate yourself when you’re inundated with negative messages and judgments from others. That’s why we created this journal for a daily dose of positivity.

From Ana of My Fair Ladies Printables Boutique

Boho Self-Care Journal With Prompts

value $27

Use this Boho-style self-reflection journal to think of ways to include more self-care in your life. There are 30 pages with prompts designed to inspire you to have a happier and more balanced life. Use the habit and mood trackers to see your progress each month. An undated calendar lets you plan your time, starting at any point of the year.

From Shannon of Creative Printable Designs

Stress Reduction & More PLR

value $37

With stress levels at an all-time high around the world, more people than ever are searching for tips to create more peace and calm in their daily lives. This package gives you a head start in creating your own PLR products. Use this material to spark your creativity! Repurpose it for workbooks, worksheets, social media, blog posts and other printable products.

From Tara Kachaturoff, LLC

Wellness Journaling and Coloring Bundle

value $37

This product will make producing wellness and journals and coloring books easier for you if you are a low content creator. The bundle can also be used in your coaching practices.

From Lynn of Planner Creators PLR

Grief Therapy Journal PLR

value $27

You will get Grief Therapy Journal PLR {14 Pages} with the PowerPoint Template Files, PDF, and 6 Covers. As a mother who has lost a son. I know firsthand the grief process. I really wish I had something like this to help me years ago.

From Michelle of PLR Niche

Headache Journal

value $27

This journal is perfect for those suffering from debilitating migraines and headaches. It offers sufferers everything they need to log their headache symptoms and potential triggers and comes with PLR commercial rights so you can sell or give it away as your own product. You can use the ready-made lavender design or the blank templates provided in Canva and Powerpoint to create your own designs and add your own ideas. US Letter and A4 sizes included to cover international home printing requirements.

From Jan of Simple Happiness Biz

Done-For-You Self Improvement PLR Bundle

value $57.90

I’ve included FOUR PLR packs that you can use in your business as blog posts, emails, social media posts, and so much more.

Download the product. Personalize with your voice. Use as your own.

Here is what is included: Pre-Written Depression 101 Content Bundle, Gardening For Depression PLR, Benefits of Journaling PLR, & Stress PLR

The more you create and share, the bigger your audience will get because they have more opportunities to find you. Once they do find you they’ll want to keep reading posts on your site.

From April of Niche Starter Packs

Fall Into Self-Care Journal Workbook

value $47

This is a 61 page US letter size Workbook Journal designed to help clients work through Autumn Anxiety and build a self-care routine at the same time. This will help your clients reduce stress, reduce anxiety while increasing a sense of accomplishment as they establish a self-care routine.

This ready-to-use product can be used as it is or customized as you see fit is a terrific time-saver for you.

From Shana of Chinaberry Digital

The Serene Effects Pack

value $37

Just looking at these graphics will calm you immediately. There are 9 beautiful covers, 6 grayscale coloring pages, 13 bookmarks, and 20 stickers. These were designed with care to ensure a peaceful and serene visual experience. These images can be used for printable or digital planners or journals, wall art, inserts/dividers, coloring books and so much more. Images are saved at 300 dpi in png and pdf format.

From Sherry of Missy Rainbow Business Boutique

Relax with Tea Journal

value $24.95

Teas are known to be full of health benefits in many areas. Drinking tea before bed helps you to relax and sleep better. Drinking tea can help with moods and mental health issues. With this Relax with Tea Journal you can easily create branded journals to sell to your customers and clients. All the templates come in easy to edit PowerPoint and come in Full color and Black & White, sized at 8 x 10 inches. License allows you to brand and edit as you like and sell your new version as a PDF, as your own product.

From Sue of Createful Journals

Mindfulness Coloring Book

value $37

This product is about a high demand niche is all about Spirituality touching one important part of it which is Mindfulness. Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present moment. Practicing Mindful coloring take people’s attention into the present moment.
Coloring is a highly effective way to relax physical and psychological stress. It helps to reduce anger and anxiety.

30 Days, Personalized Done-For-You Social Media Posts

value $27

What if we can tell you that we will take the guess work out of the research process for you? Our team has already done all of the hard work to research the hottest messages that will get you more likes, engagement, traffic, and sales! AND on top of that, we have made all of the graphics and posts for you. AND we have even provided personalized service for you to add your website or brand to each posts. WOW! A whole month of social media posts all ready for you to just post them on social media right out of the box!

From Helen of I Love Planners

Recorded Meditation for Inner Peace

value $27

This guided meditation will help you connect to your inner self, helping you become more confident in who you truly are, and what you have to offer to the world. Yes, even if you aren’t a business owner/entrepreneur!

From Karen of Mad Moose Mindfulness

The New Normal Resource Guide

value $17

Everyone fortunate enough to remain employed had to instantaneously adapt to the new routine. Ever since the Work-From-Home model has come into effect, work-life balance has been affected.

Use these resources to teach your clients how to manage their work environment during the pandemic & create a better work-life balance: Videos, Training Courses, Infographics, Forums, Facts and more…..

From Carlene Kelsey Web Solutions LLC

Selfcare and Fitness Decorative Borders

value $23

10 decorative border line arts and 10 decorative border colored graphics with Selfcare and Fitness theme.

All fit US Letter Size pages, available in high resolution PNG files. Highly versatile beautiful hand-drawn and hand-painted decorative borders. Mix and match with different graphic packs. They work nicely with our Fitness and Selfcare graphic packs as well as other PLR coloring packs.

From Carmen of Simply Couture Designs

Manifestation Planner – Full Color and Black & White Versions

value $37

This Manifestation Planner comes in both full color and a black and white version. This planner will help you to set goals, have a positive mindset, and manifest the life your clients want.

From Miranda of Printable Island

One of Those Days Mini-Journal

value $27

We’ve all had those days where everything goes wrong or just feels off. Sometimes we say something we shouldn’t or we regret not standing up for ourselves. This fun mini-journal can help! Keep a copy nearby and when things go south, pull out your copy and take a few moments to document how you’re feeling. This journal helps you take a look at the bigger picture and learn from your day so next time, you’ll have a plan in place! It also allows you to vent safely and learn from your mistakes. AND document what you did right!

From Michelle of Chelle’s Precious Printables

Stress Relief After Social Distancing

value $22

Getting back into the saddle where you’re working with others, commuting, meeting people again – after 18+ months of social distancing – is stress in the making for sure. But there’s ways to easily discover if you’re suffering from stress, if you’re on the edge of becoming stressed, and with this package you can help your clients discover these markers themselves. There’s also a 14 day challenge included in this package, where your clients can reflect on a task/question/prompt each day for 14 days, to become more aware of patterns that’s not sustainable if they want to live stress free.

From Cecilie of Mom Making Money At Home

2022 Focal Point Planner

value $34

In one 74 page, 8.5″ x 11″ journal, you can spot trends and gain clarity on the key goals that will move your business or your clients’ business forward. Get organized by keeping track of monthly goals, revenue and expenses. Be inspired with a monthly quote and get plenty of space to write notes and do a brain dump. Eliminate those little pieces of paper stuck all over your desk and easily reflect on the progress you make each month toward your goals.

From Linda of Expert Author Info

Cherish Yourself Affirmations Card Deck

value $27

This Cherish Yourself Affirmations Card Deck is a beautiful package of 99 self-care statements. Pick a card every day for inspiration and positivity in your personal and business life.

These encouraging cards can change your perspective, fill your mind with positive thoughts, and brighten your day.

Set includes 11 pages with 9 quotes each; 1 page with 9 card backs, in lighthearted bubble designs with pastel colors; and printing instructions.

Canva template and PDF files included, so you can change the card backs, font, and affirmations.

From Stephanie of Wildflower Digitals

50 Zen-style Mandalas to Color

value $37

Share the joy of coloring with these 50 Zen-style mandalas. Print them out to color for yourself, or offer them up to your clients on their own, as part of a planner or workbook.

From Ruthie of Ritchie Media

Chic Gratitude Journal PLR

value $27

Having a gratitude journal is a great way to keep track of life’s blessings and to journal down your thoughts. It’s a huge part of self-care as well as keeping in touch with your innermost emotions and reflections.

This done-for-you Chic Gratitude Journal includes 13 unique pages and comes with 3 different gorgeous designs. You can easily customize them according to your own brand or sell them right away!

Your customers will also find this journal to be incredibly helpful!

From Faith of Faith’s Biz Academy

30 Day Self-Care PLR Challenge Journal for Busy Moms

value $27

Help your customers and clients take time for self-care with the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge Journal. It is perfect for busy moms who always put themselves on the back burner as they serve others. The 30 Day Self Care Challenge Journal includes helpful pages to inspire, plan, and execute self-care. This bundle consists of two versions of the 67-page Self Care Challenge Journal; an easy-to-use Canva template and a PowerPoint version. This way, you can customize the format you’re most comfortable using.

From Bethany of PLR Perfect

2022 Introspection Weekly Planner

value $37

This “2022 Introspection Weekly Planner” is a done-for-you printable that will accompany you and/or your customers throughout the year and will guide you with one introspection question per week.
The PowerPoint background can be changed through the PowerPoint slide master.

Have fun with the included graphics (stickers, washy tape,…).

From Virginie of Oxyp Design PLR

Get Your Yoga-On: Yoga Pose Inspired Coloring Pages

value $27

These yoga-pose inspired coloring pages are great as a give-away, opt-in gift or a bonus to help your clients reduce stress and unwind. You get a pack of 32 you can mix and match, give some away and sell others or put together a coloring pack and sell them all! 8 different yoga poses in a variety of 4 backgrounds.

From Edith of LCPLR

Yoga for the Whole Food Vegan

value $17

Save yourself loads of hours with this 4,000+ word report as a lead magnet, or break into blog posts, on your health/nutrition/yoga site! Yoga for the Whole Food Vegan report features 5 chapters complete with images, and includes a DFY html opt-in page, all with PLR rights. Just edit your information, add branding, and voila!

From Edith of Whole Food PLR

BOHO Dreams Affirmations Digital Stickers

value $20

Be a BOHO dreamer. This digital sticker set affirms thoughts and dreams that reach beyond the current moment. Transform your thoughts and ideas into actionable steps that lead to a better life. These positive, inspiring affirmations are a little bit BOHO, a little bit dreamy, and a little bit fun to use as well! The set includes 50 digital stickers, PNG files, Pre Cropped and Compressed.

From Kimberly of Gypsy Soul Printables

Love Your Life Manifestation Planner

value $37

Are you wanting to inspire and motivate your customers to live their best lives? Then, this 41-page Manifestation Planner with several workbook pages is for you! The principle in this planner is based on the Law of Attraction so your customers can create their own dream lives. Manifestation is very powerful and can help your customers reach their life goals. If you are a coach, instructor, counselor, or a high-quality printable seller, you should pick this up to sell in your store today.

From Becky of PLR Beach

My Zodiac Journal – 20 Canva Templates

value $17

This is not your typical journal. This is a place to keep track of birth dates and journal your thoughts about each person sign. This journal will help your customers to make amazing connections between the signs of the Zodiac and the personality of each person they care about.

From Stephanie Gilbert

Modern Block Planner Canva Template

value $29

This is not your typical journal. This is a place to keep track of birth dates and journal your thoughts about each person sign. This journal will help your customers to make amazing connections between the signs of the Zodiac and the personality of each person they care about.

From Stephanie of Fill Your Shop

2022 Reflective Goals

value $21

In this package you will 4 different backgrounds that you can use with this planner or other works that you are creating. Also, a 26 page Reflective Thoughts and Goals planner (No background). You will receive all the PNG’s, PowerPoints, and PDF’s so you can play and have
fun. If you have your own background, you can easily add that as well. Have fun and create well!

From Geradine of Moonflower Digitals

Your 2022 Goals & Dreams Digital Tracker and Daily Planner

value $77

A unique, all-new design! Get 2022 off to a great start with this fully dated and hyperlinked (more than 11,000!) Digital Planner! Track your dreams and goals for the new year with digital trackers and Vision Boards! Fully compatible with GoodNotes and other similar apps (not included). PLUS: $50 in coupons that never expire! Full commercial use rights – edit as you please, resell as your own, or giveaway to build your list.

From Melody of PLR of The Month Club

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Articles, Report, Posters, Home Decor, Journals and Card Decks

value $47

Getting out of your comfort zone can have big results when it comes to achieving your personal and business goals. Explore new things in your life and start achieving your goals! And here’s your chance to tap into this passionate niche with awesome print on demand products and printables.

We’ve created the poster graphics, journals and card decks you need to start growing your audience and selling instant products like wall art, t-shirts, mugs, journals, planner inserts, card decks, organizational products, printables and more. All templates come with complete private label rights (PLR) and are for commercial use. We even show you how!

From Alice & Yusef of EKit Hub

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone to Make Big Things Happen Planner & Report Pack

value $37

“Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone“ bundle that will give your readers a detailed report, customizable planner, 2 ecover sets an opt-in page and graphics.

Not only have we created the free opt-in gift, you also get done-for-you opt-in page copy and ecover graphics to get things rolling quickly. Seriously, this is publish and go type stuff.

From Alice of Publish for Prosperity

SAD Seasonal Thrive Kit

value $27

SAD Seasonal Thrive Kit is for those who struggle with changing seasons into autumn and winter. Yes, Q4 is a thrilling and busy time in the PLR world, but for those struggling with Seasonal Affect Disorder–getting out of bed can be a daily challenge. With the added stress and overwhelm of CV, lack of sun, Vit D resistance, isolation etc… we have a whole new population that are experiencing SAD for the first time. Help family, friends, co-workers, customers with this at-a-glance monthly 6 mo of calendars that show SAD days, a page of various trackers important for balancing SAD as well as another three pages including symptom tracking, supps/meds, and Dr/therapist appointments.

From Lisa-Marie of The Planhers

See The Transforming Lives PLR Bundle Full Bundle of 43 PLR Content and Printable Products For Yourself – Click Here

Licensing Terms:

Here’s What You Can Do

  • Use the item (s) to create an end product (any product you wish to create that requires some skill or effort) in one of these ways:
  • A customized product using the item (social media posts, print-on-demand product)
  • Any end product that uses the item along with other items in a for-use item or larger body of work (planner, journal, stickers, print-on-demand products like mugs, t-shirts, etc.)
  • Can Be Used In Commercial Projects
  • Can Edit/Change the Files in Any Way You Want
  • Yes, You Can Create Stickers, Print-on-Demand Products, Planners, Journals, Coloring Books, Use in Membership Sites, and Create Any Other
  • Type of Product for Commercial Use in an End Product (You Can Create a PDF File, a T-Shirt, Ebook, Blog Post, Planner, Journal, Etc)
    Create a “for-use” product to sell in your shop on Etsy, your website, or any other shop (for retail)

Here’s What You Cannot Do

  • Cannot Resell Any of These Items As Individual Files on Marketplaces (Please No Listing the Source Files or Graphics on Creative Market or Etsy) claiming ownership of them.
  • Cannot Pass On, Resell, or Give Away These with PLR Rights, Commercial Use, or Master Resell Rights

The Transforming Lives PLR Bundle Full Bundle of 43 PLR Content and Printable Products is the complete package if you’re looking for amazing printable bundle and more. You can buy it for your own use or simply sell it on your own publishing store with your branding to profit! Click the link below to learn more.

Here’s a coupon to get 50% off any products from


See The Transforming Lives PLR Bundle Full Bundle of 43 PLR Content and Printable Products For Yourself – Click Here

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