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The DFY Journals Mega Pack By Alice Seba and Yusef Kulan – Includes Printable Mega Bundle Affiliate Program with Private Label Commercial Licensing

The DFY Journals Mega Pack provides you with Printable Mega Bundle Affiliate Program. All files are easy to edit, so that you can create new unique products and PLR printables that you can sell for profit on your low content publishing store or use it yourself!

Introducing The…

DFY Journals Mega Pack

DFY Journals Mega Pack

Here’s exactly what you’re getting in this DFY Journals Mega Pack:

Here are 24 journals that are ready to sell. Change the journals covers, content and theme as much as you’d like. They all come with 3D-ecovers with PSD or PPT included for editing.

Use these journals to help your customers, clients, or yourself to stay on top of things year after year. They are simple to use journals to assist with organizing their objectives and aspirations to help crush their goals.

Here’s A Summary of What’s Included in this 24 Done-For-You Journals Pack:

  • 4 Law of Attraction 72-Page Journals
  • “My Gratitude” Journal
  • “My Intentions” Journal
  • “My Manifestations” Journal
  • “My Meditation” Journal
  • 2 Growth Mindset 100-Page Journals
  • “Mistakes Are Proof I’m Trying”
  • “My Best Life Journal”
  • 4 Wealth Inspiring 72-Page Journals
  • “Inspiring a Wealth Mindset” Journal
  • “Money Management” Journal
  • “Positive Wealth Mindset” Journal
  • “Wealth Mindset” Journal
  • 4 Power of Purpose Journals
  • “Exploring My Purpose” Journal
  • “Exploring My Talents” Journal
  • “Finding My Purpose” Journal
  • “Purpose Driven Life” Journal
  • 2 Confidence and Self-Esteem 100-Page Journals
  • “I am Worth It” Journal
  • “Loving the New Me” Journal
  • 4 Get Out of Your Comfort Zone 72-Page Journals
  • “Setting Challenging Goals” Journal
  • “My True Self” Journal
  • “Think Big” Journal
  • “Try Something New” Journal
  • 2 Healthy Mindset for Kids 100-Page Journals
  • “Today is Awesome” Journal
  • “Unique & Loving It” Journal
  • 2 Christmas & The Holidays Journals
  • “Christmas Memory Book”
  • “Family Traditions” Journal

Here’s a Quick Summary of the 22 Journal and 22 Planner Sets Pack:

  • Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Journal and Planner
  • Stop Playing Small Journal and Planner
  • Goes Around Comes Around Journal and Planner
  • Nothing Can Stop Me Journal and Planner
  • No Excuses Journal and Planner
  • Just a Girl with Goals Journal and Planner
  • Dream, Plan, Act, Succeed Journal and Planner
  • Entrepreneurship Journal and Planner
  • Plan It, Live It Journal and Planner
  • I Turn Words into Dollars Journal and Planner
  • Born to Create Journal and Planner
  • Keto Journal and Planner
  • But Did You Die Journal and Planner
  • Artsy Girl Journal and Planner
  • I May Be Listening to You Journal and Planner
  • Have Your Purpose Journal and Planner
  • Always Be Creating Journal and Planner
  • Getting Sh*t Done Planner Journal and Planner
  • A One Hour Workout Journal and Planner
  • Bitch Please, I’m an Artist Journal and Planner
  • Fitter Than Yesterday Journal and Planner
  • I’m Busy Drawing Journal and Planner

Here’s a Quick Summary of What’s Included in the 150+ Coloring Page Pack

  • 12 dog coloring pages
  • 20 fitness coloring pages
  • 20 goals coloring pages
  • 13 inspiration coloring pages
  • 21 marketing entrepreneurship coloring pages
  • 12 yoga coloring pages
  • 20 creativity coloring pages
  • 10 food coloring pages
  • 10 kindness coloring pages
  • 10 pets coloring pages
  • 5 holiday coloring pages

Here’s a Quick Summary of the 125 Product Templates and Posters Pack:

  • 10 Dog Product Templates
  • 10 Yoga Product Templates
  • 10 Inspiration Product Templates
  • 10 Goal Setting Product Templates
  • 10 Marketing and Entrepreneurship Product Templates
  • 10 Fitness Product Templates
  • 10 Creativity Product Templates
  • 10 Food Product Templates
  • 10 Kindness Product Templates
  • 10 Pets Product Templates
  • 5 Motivation 8 1/2″ x 11″ Poster Graphics
  • 5 Love and Relationships 8 1/2″ x 11″ Poster Graphics
  • 5 Education 8 1/2″ x 11″ Poster Graphics
  • 10 Positive Affirmations 18″ x 24″ Poster Graphics
See The DFY Journals Mega Pack For Yourself – Click Here

Well, here are some ideas for what to do with ALL this FULLY EDITABLE and BRANDABLE content.

  • Create digital printable downloadable products journals, checklists, to-do lists and worksheets.
  • Create the same as print-on-demand products with zero-upfront investment. You take the orders and print-on-demand service prints and ships your product.
  • Adapt them to any subject or niche. Everything is fully editable, including the journal covers.
  • Customize your printables and then create product bundles for more value for your customers. Give them a matching journal, worksheet, to do list and checklist.
  • Incorporate these printables into your existing courses and coaching programs. Printables are actionable content that help your clients get better results AND they’ll be willing to pay more to get access to such a program.
  • Don’t have a course or coaching program? Use these journals as a starting point to create one.
  • Create awesome and easy gifts to ship to your best clients. Send them a printed journal that is already done for you!

The DFY Journals Mega Pack is just for you if you’re looking for printable templates bundle and more that can be used to create your own unique printables when purchased and rebranded! You can also buy these templates to edit and sell on your store or use it for yourself. Perfect for you if you have a publishing business and are looking for new products or printables. Click the link below to learn more!

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See The DFY Journals Mega Pack For Yourself – Click Here

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