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How to Advertise Low Content Books

How to Advertise Low Content Books

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How to Advertise Low Content Books

How to Advertise Low Content Books

So, you’ve finally gotten into the low-content publishing field. While the first step is the most important, the journey isn’t over until you’ve made some sales and are seeing the money coming in. If finding effective marketing methods wasn’t hard enough already, promoting low- and no-content books can be a real challenge. 

There’s no need to panic, though, because in many ways, marketing these books is easier than promoting more content-centric offers. Once you’ve created a product that appeals to a certain low content book niches, finding and connecting with them becomes easier. Here, we’ll discuss some simple, yet effective ways to learn how to market low content books.

Target the Right Audience

Aiming for the right niche with a low-content book doesn’t seem like a real marketing method, but this step is one of the biggest predictors of success. Instead of making a broad, generic book, you can put the odds in your favor by using PLR to publish low content books and tapping into your audience’s wants and needs.

Keyword Optimization

An effective but simple way to get a book in front of an audience is to do your research where keyword optimization is concerned. This applies whether you are learning how to advertise books on Amazon or on your own site. Before putting a book up for sale or using Amazon ads for authors, think of the search terms someone may use to find a book like the one you’ve created. So, if you’ve made an adult coloring book that’s meant to bring a sense of relaxation, consider including related search terms in the book’s title and on the sales page. Consider signing up for a KDP low content course for additional ideas.


How to Advertise Low Content Books Blogging

Whether you’re building a blog or working as a guest poster, offering content that’s relevant to your low-content book’s audience is a great way to boost your low content books earnings. Blogging helps low-content authors build credibility and authority, and it also serves as a springboard for your promotional efforts.

Cross Promotion

While we’re on the subject of springboards, cross promotion is another effective marketing strategy. For instance, if you’ve written a travel book, it would be easy to create a companion coloring book based on the places you’ve described. From there, you could use the first book’s popularity to bring attention to your low-content offering. 

Building an Email List

Forming relationships with customers is a proven way to bring in more sales. That’s why email marketing and list building are an integral part of the online marketing community. The great thing is, email marketing is just as effective for low-content book promotion.

Create a sales funnel, Amazon advertising, and lead gathering page to collect prospects’ contact information and encourage them to sign up by offering something valuable and relevant. Then, send them entertaining emails that relate to your book’s content, including the occasional promotion. Once you’ve gathered an audience, it’s likely that they’ll take advantage of your offers.

Go On Facebook

How to Advertise Low Content Books Facebook

Facebook is one of the world’s most highly trafficked websites, so it’s an important promotional tool. Along with creating fan pages for your PLR Printables, use the power of social medial to encourage the sharing of quotes and images from your book. You can also target an audience with Facebook PPC ads, links to sales pages, and email opt-ins.


Another marketing technique is to give some of your offerings away in exchange for customers’ feedback. Everyone likes to get free stuff, and if you give it to the right market segment, it can boost word-of-mouth and sharing activity related to the book offer. Check out meetup groups, forums, YouTube channels, and other places where niche customers gather and offer a few free copies in return for reviews.

Sharing Images

While a picture is worth 1000 words, that assessment especially applies to book promotion opportunities. The nature of low- and no-content books makes it easy to share covers and inner pages. If you are creating low content books that are focused on aesthetics, share cover and inner page images on Instagram, Pinterest, and other image sharing sites. Be sure to include links to your sales pages.

In Closing

Does Amazon book advertising work? Do KDP ads work? Yes, if you use these tips. The above examples are just the beginning where low- and no-content book promotion is concerned. By using the same creative impulses you relied on to make each of your products, you’ll surely find more ways to profit from KDP low content books.

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