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American Small Business for Newbies PLR Planner By Becky Beach – Includes Step By Step Video Training And Tips 

In this American Small Business for Newbies PLR Planner you’ll learn exactly how to be successful when trying to make money online by providing you with the knowledge and training that will help you and your business succeed!

Introducing The…

American Small Business for Newbies PLR Planner

American Small Business for Newbies PLR Planner

Here’s what you’ll learn with this amazing American Small Business for Newbies PLR Planner:

What you will learn in this course:

  • How to register your business
  • Types of businesses
  • Business taxes information
  • Healthcare information
  • MORE!
  • BONUS: Small Business Planner – $37 value
  • BONUS: Etsy & Shopify Sellers Spreadsheet – $57 value
  • BONUS: Canva Slides of the Course
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Let’s take a peek inside the course:

Module 1: Why Start a Business?

Learn why you should start a business in the first place.

Module 2: Structuring and Registering Your Business

I go through the types of businesses so you can see which one is right for you.

Module 3: Debt or No Debt?

You can either choose to bootstrap your business or have debt. I outline the pros and cons of both.

Module 4: Business Credit

If you want to have debt, then I show how to apply for business credit.

Module 5: Business Taxes

I explain how to provide your accountant with the information they need to do your taxes.

Module 6: Understanding ROI

Return on investment or ROI can be confusing. I explain about it in detail.

Module 7: Paying Yourself

It’s important to pay yourself to be legal in your business. I explain how much you should be paying yourself.

Module 8: Making Major Purchases

You may want to buy a house, car, or other expensive purchase. It can be tricky to do this when you are self-employed.

Module 9: Protecting Yourself Legally

You could run into legal trouble. I explain how you can protect yourself legally.

Module 10: Health Insurance

Now that you are self-employed, you need your own health insurance. I show how to get it!

Module 11: Retirement

You don’t have a 401k with your 9-5 job anymore. What should you do now for retirement?

Module 12: Hiring

Hire people so that you can scale your business. I show what to do.

Module 13: Suggested Software

What software should you to get to streamline your business?

Module 14: Time Management

How can you make the best use of your time?

Module 15: Create Your Revenue Plan

How much do you want to make an hour in your business? Year? Month?

Module 16: My Small Business

I talk about my own small business.

Module 17: Final Wishes

What happens to your business if you were to pass?

Module 18: Goodbye and Next Steps

It’s the end of the course. What are the next steps?

Module 19: Bonuses

You get my Etsy and Shopify Seller Spreadsheet (personal use – even if you get the PLR version of the course it is still personal use only!), my Small Business Planner (PLR), and Canva slides of the course to follow along better

The American Small Business for Newbies PLR Planner is perfect for those of you who want to generate new streams of income online and learn how to create your own business and make money online. When you purchase this course get access to amazing training and more to educate yourself and ensure your business succeeds!

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See The American Small Business for Newbies PLR Planner For Yourself – Click Here

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